The International Sports Club (ISC) was founded in 2007 by three enthusiastic graduates of the Sports and Physical Education Faculty of the Commenius University, Bratislava.

Our motivation stemmed from the fact that the current pre-school and primary school PE curriculum cannot adequately cater for optimal motoric and fitness development in young children. We offer an attractive training programme that motivates children for sports activities from the earliest age.  Our main goal is to help develop a healthy attitude towards sports. Sport not only keeps children fit, it also builds their confidence and social skills. That’s why we give all children the opportunity to enjoy the camaraderie of team sports as well as trying out individual activities, and enjoying a sense of achievement in doing so.

sk isc sportThe Club for Little Sports Enthusiasts 

Sports Club with a parent/child friendly offer

We have plenty of sports activities for your children to choose from.  Whichever sports activity they go for, they will benefit from professionally designed training tailored for their particular age group.

ISC offers an easy answer to the dilemma of when and how to start guiding the youngest children toward sports and healthy lifestyle. Send them to us and the problem is sorted, our professionally qualified trainers with years of experience of working with young children will ensure your children will be actively exposed to the right amount and the right level of supervised athletic activities while building a positive attitude to sports and healthy life style.

sk isc radostPlay, Relax and Enjoy

Sports and Fun is the motto of our sports club. The time dedicated to games and play under the supervision of the trainers forms an essential part of the training. That’s why the children in the club are always happy and eager to train. Come and see for yourself!

sk isc komunikaciaAn International Environment

The International Sports Club is the only sports club in Bratislava offering training sessions run in English.